C4IP has created a secure IP distribution platform which we call the Digital Media Cloud (DMC). This secure cloud, built on top of public and private IP networks, is the interconnection point where media streams from essentially anywhere are aggregated, monitored, and distributed.

Our DMC is a secure encrypted private network based on private and public IP network infrastructures and allows for robust access control to your content, video feeds, and live streams. We are also able to build virtual distribution networks on top of our existing platform which allows even greater control and isolation and ensures that your distribution network is built up exactly how you want it and that your content and feeds are available only where you want them available.

Digital Media Cloud - IP Distribution Network

Our DMC is built on top of a first rate network spanning many professional data centers in Europe and the USA and with first rate connections to all parts of the world. A few points of interest worth mentioning about our network:

  • Dedicated redundant fiber network
  • Global transit and peering partners
  • inter-connected to all Exchanges in Europe
  • inter-connected to all major Global Carriers
  • Uptime: > 99,97%
  • NPT: EU <60ms, US <100ms

Our distribution platform opens doors for very cost effect short or long-term national and international video links without loss of quality and stability. Within our DMC, we can interconnect already connected clients or set up dedicated point-to-point connectivity so that our customers can quickly have a distribution network both to already connected DMC peers or to entirely new locations on a short or long term basis.

Whether you need an In-Store TV distribution network, permanent broadcast distribution to one or many locations, or a temporary Live Broadcast point-to-point video link, C4IP is able to provide you a custom solution.

It is also possible to use our DMC as a means of securely transporting your content to clients and partners for editing or transport.

In addition, Interactive TV solutions such as Video-On-Demand can also be set up and hosted within our DMC (our within your own virtual DMC) making your content available for users with access to your distribution network and protecting your content against unwanted access.

Whatever your needs for content hosting or distribution - short or long term - C4IP can help you with a solution that is right for you at a fraction of the cost normally associated with these types of services.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss possibilities and solutions.

In The News...


Telefoon naar centrale NOC

Het telefoonnummer voor aanvragen en supportcalls is vanaf heden doorgeschakeld. De sales afdeling van MediaChoice zal nu de aanvragen verwerken.

Kantoor verhuist

De dozen zijn ingepakt en uitgepakt en we zijn met ons kantoor naar de Oscar Romero Studios in Hilversum. Met name Reinder en Joshua zullen vandaar uit nog werken aan R&D.

C4IP verhuist apparatuur

C4IP heeft de apparatuur voor locale omroepen verplaatst naar Naaldwijk. Hierdoor kan via het netwerk van Media Choice het signaal van de bundel aan omroepen nog efficienter en betrouwbaarder worden aangeleverd naar de diverse operators

C4IP & Media Choice gaan samen

Na geruime tijd samen de markt van transport van tv signalen over publiekelijk internet te hebben gedomineerd, willen C4IP en Media Choice samen verder gaan.