In cooperation with various cable operators in The Netherlands, C4IP has put together a special service offering to assist local and regional television broadcasters connect to the digital headends of the various cable operators in their regions. This is a cost effective solution which utilizes the public internet for distribution of a local or regional broadcaster signal to the headend of the cable operator.

How Does It Work?

A C4IP IP Encoder is placed at the customer location and the customer's playout signal is connected to our IP Encoder. The encoder is then connected to the public internet (private point-to-point connections may also be supported depending on their termination point). The encoder establishes a secure connection to the C4IP DMC (Digital Media Cloud) and playout is appropriately routed through our DMC and delivered to the cable operator.

In situations where the signal must be delivered to multiple operators, no additional equipment is needed for the additional operators / locations. A single encoder can deliver your feed to single or multiple destinations.

Below is a diagram illustrating the concept of a single point-to-point interconnect from broadcaster to operator. (click image for full size)

IP Distribution for broadcasters

What Do I Need?

Very generally speaking, there are only two requirements to make use of this service.

  • A C4IP IP Encoder (Our RE-2142 is used for this service)
  • A high-speed internet connection with a minimum of 6 Mbit dedicated upstream capacity
C4IP will work together with your organization to determine if this solution will work for you and the best way to implement the service. C4IP can also help with arranging an appropriate internet connection for the service if there is not a suitable connection already installed at the location.

Some other information that is useful for us to know in advance:

  • What sort of signal will you deliver? (SDI/Composite/Component/etc)
  • Do you make use of Teletext signals?
  • What is the format of your signal? (16:9 or 4:3)
  • Do you make use of WSS (wide screen signalling)?
  • Which cable operators do you need to deliver your signal to?
With this information, C4IP will be better prepared to advise you. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

More about the C4IP Digitial Media Cloud

Our DMC is a secure encrypted private network based on private and public IP network infrastructure and allows for robust access control to your content, video feeds, and live streams. We are also able to build virtual distribution networks on top of our existing platform which allows even greater control and isolation and ensures that your distribution network is built up exactly how you want it and that your content and feeds are available only where you want them available.

Our DMC is built on top of a first rate network spanning many professional data centers in Europe and the USA and with first rate connections to all parts of the world. A few points of interest worth mentioning about our network:

  • Dedicated redundant fiber network
  • A+ performance status beats most Content Distribution Networks
  • Global transit and peering partners
  • Interconnected to all major Exchanges in Europe
  • Interconnected to all major Global Carriers
  • Uptime: > 99,97%

Please contact us if you would like to discuss possibilities and solutions.

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