Orion SD Screenshot The Orion SD is a web interface controllable play-out system featuring real-time multiple graphic layer and video effects insertion, integrated scheduling, media and content management, full featured logging of played items with report generation and auto scheduling, and more.

Through the web interface you are able to control everything needed to run a TV channel. Building playout schedules within the web interface is as easy as dragging and dropping items where you want in the timeline and schedule importing from 3rd party scheduling applications is also supported.

Orion is a frame based system and automatically adjusts for under and over run conditions making sure that your playlist items start and stop and new schedules transition when you schedule them to do so.

Orion is a module based system which allows you to choose which modules, video effects, and filters you need which saves you from paying for features you will never use. Some of the modules available and in development include Live Feed input, SMS interactive programming features, RSS Feed Ticker tapes, and more. The Orion has a fully automated “As run” logging system which can be configured to send playout log reports automatically by email at designated times. As run logs are archived for later usage.

The graphic layers use “rule” based filters which can be edited to your needs. This means that you are able to decide which type of media, time window, and date window different graphic filters and effects should apply. Graphic layers can be imported as alpha transparent TARGA image or PNG sequences.

Each graphic filter and effect enjoys some of the following configurable parameters:

  • Offsets (set window where the graphic will be shown within the media item)
  • Positioning (Pixel accurate setting of the graphic in x and y axis)
  • Multiple TARGA sequences ( Station logo's can have different sequences: logo IN, logo LOOP and logo OUT animations)
  • Multiple rules (Here you can set when the graphic should be shown with: Clip code rule, Date to start and stop and time to start and stop)
  • Fading (This can be set to let the logo fade in and out with a preset speed )

A configurable testcard image plays when no content has been scheduled to play or the player is stopped.

The Orion System is available in either SDI with SDI Embedded Audio / AES-EBU output or DVI/VGA output.

See the product brochure below for more information.

In The News...


Telefoon naar centrale NOC

Het telefoonnummer voor aanvragen en supportcalls is vanaf heden doorgeschakeld. De sales afdeling van MediaChoice zal nu de aanvragen verwerken.

Kantoor verhuist

De dozen zijn ingepakt en uitgepakt en we zijn met ons kantoor naar de Oscar Romero Studios in Hilversum. Met name Reinder en Joshua zullen vandaar uit nog werken aan R&D.

C4IP verhuist apparatuur

C4IP heeft de apparatuur voor locale omroepen verplaatst naar Naaldwijk. Hierdoor kan via het netwerk van Media Choice het signaal van de bundel aan omroepen nog efficienter en betrouwbaarder worden aangeleverd naar de diverse operators

C4IP & Media Choice gaan samen

Na geruime tijd samen de markt van transport van tv signalen over publiekelijk internet te hebben gedomineerd, willen C4IP en Media Choice samen verder gaan.